2023: Asymmetric Resonant Tank Design for a Bidirectional CLLC Resonant Converter in G2V and V2G Operation


2023: Trapping in Al2O3/GaN MOScaps investigated by fast capacitive techniques


2023: Thermal management of vertical GaN transistors


2023: Optimization of Vertical GaN Drift Region Layers for Avalanche and Punch-Through Pn-Diodes


2022: Unique features of FLEXion® tool for wide band gap and III–V semiconductor devices fabrication


2022: Effects of post metallization annealing on Al2O3 atomic layer deposition on n-GaN


2022: Process challenges and perspectives of vertical GaN power transistors on foreign substrates


2022: Embedding Solutions for vertical SiC and GaN Power Devices


2022: Impact of Gate Dielectric Deposition Temperature on p-type Inversion Channel MOSFETs fabricated on GaN-on-Si


2022: Isolation properties and failure mechanisms of vertical Pt / n-GaN SBDs


2022: A High-Efficiency High-Power-Density SiC-Based Portable Charger for Electric Vehicles

  • Authors: S. Ditze, S. Ehrlich, N. Weitz, M. Sauer, F. Aßmus, A. Sacher, C. Joffe, C. Seßler, P.
  • Partner: FhG IISB (and further organization)
  • Published: June 8, 2022; Electronics


2022: Areal Vertical Transmission Line Model Measurement for Drift Region Characterization in Vertical GaN Based Devices


2022: A resonant push–pull DC–DC converter with an intrinsic current source behavior for radio frequency power conversion


2022: Cu-Cu Thermocompression Bonding with Cu-Nanowire Films for Power Semiconductor Die-Attach on DBC Substrates

  • Authors: Z. Yu; Y. Z. Tan; C. F. Bayer; H. Rauh; A. Schletz; M. März; O. Birlem
  • Partner: FhG IISB, NW
  • Published: January 5, 2022; IEEE 23rd Electronics Packaging Technology Conference (EPTC)


2021: GaN-based power devices: physics, reliability and perspectives (Tutorial)

  • Authors: M. Meneghini, C. De Santi, I. Abid, M. Buffolo, M. Cioni, R. A. Khadar, L. Nela, N. Zagni, A. Chini, F. Medjdoub, G. Meneghesso, G. Verzellesi, E. Zanoni, E. Matioli
  • Partner: IUNET, CNRS (and further organizations)
  • Published: November 8, 2021; Journal of Applied Physics